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Week 1 of March was off to a good start, with my outing with photographer friends on March 1st, and closing out the week with a Villanova victory. 

Our cat is usually a willing subject. Note to self: iron or steam the curtains before future photos.

For this week of Project 365, a friend and I decided to only use our manual focus Nikon 100mm Series E lenses. I love this lens! It can be found used for about a hundred bucks.

I confess to breaking the 100mm challenge rule with this shot. I was running around and only had a 23mm with me, so this will have to do for my last shot of the week.

I started out the month of February with the idea of shooting a heart photo every day. That got old once Valentine’s Day came and went! Here is how the last two weeks of February turned out.

Valentine’s roses from my husband 🙂


The night my husband tried to teach me how to play chess, but all I wanted to do was take pictures of the pieces. One of my favorite things about the Fuji is being able to use vintage manual focus lenses. This one was with a 45mm Minolta Rokkor lens that I picked up for $10 on ebay.


Another favorite vintage lens, the Nikon 100mm Series E was used here.This cake was terrible, as you can see…

This was a terrible night in my development, when there was a fire in one of the units. Thankfully, no one was injured.

I’m lucky to be friends with local photographers who have several meet-ups a year. Our March gathering was at Longwood Gardens, where we were all happy to see signs of Spring after the miserable Winter we have had here. Of course, it had to start snowing as we were wrapping up.

I started out using extension tubes on my old Nikon 100mm Series E lens:


I love the Helios 44M-4 lens for the swirly bokeh